Veridyne Power Announces Appointment of Chief Product Officer

March 11th, 2016

VANCOUVER, CANADA – Veridyne Power is pleased to announce that effective February 15th 2016 the Company has appointed Glenn Nichols as Chief Product Officer.

Drew Perrin, President of the company says “Glenn brings a wealth of experience and knowledge having brought to market several products, managing multiple internal and external project teams at any given time. We are delighted to welcome Glenn to the team, as his extensive experience in product and project management will be extremely valuable for the Company.”

Glenn Nichols, Chief Product Officer

Glenn Nichols, Chief Product Officer

In his previous role, Mr. Nichols was a Product Manager in the building automation industry and spent the past decade envisioning products to meet real-world needs and steering them through the development process until realized. His robotics background gives him an excellent foundation in electrical, mechanical and software systems which he utilizes to understand complex issues to help direct development to successful outcomes.  He has product and project managed large teams of both local and remote team members, including projects involving a complete system for GE Lighting.  Glenn holds a diploma in Robotics and Automation from the British Columbia Institute of Technology earned him the Robotics and Automation Award for achieving top of his graduating class.

About Veridyne Power

Veridyne Power’s mission is to provide a pragmatic, economical and environmentally sustainable energy solution for both Grid and Distributed Power applications.  Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) can operate with many hydrocarbon fuels.  However by focusing on coal (a natural resource that is virtually unlimited in supply) Veridyne Power’s design can offer aging and outdated Coal Fired Power plants the ability to produce the same electrical output, using 50% less coal, with zero smog and a minimum of 50% reduction in CO2 emissions. This new technology is a key energy solution to the sustainability of our planet.

Veridyne Power’s head office is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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